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Brian Schott

winter 2009/2010 issue
volume III, issue 2

December 17, 2009

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cover art
Tammie Lee Icy Pastels cover   
Paul Peters Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Newborn p. 7 (10 pages)   
Tom Haines Great Rift Valley p. 97 (5 pages)   
Alison Disque The Grizzly's Kiss p. 1 (2 pages)   
essays & excerpts
E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Walking to School p. 78 (7 pages)   
Alain de Botton A Week at the Airport:
A Heathrow Diary
p. 116 (7 pages)   
David E. Thomas Mascot p. 19 (1 page)   
Gayle Kaune Hanford Reach p. 38 (2 pages)   
Kathleen Flenniken Green Run p. 40 (2 pages)   
Ethel Mays Watching p. 102 (1 page)   
Bob Love Mousetrap p. 103 (1 page)   
Mike Powers, Brian Schott The Art of Staying on Your Edge:
Scot Schmidt
p. 20 (18 pages)   
Ryan Friel, Mike Powers
& Brian Schott
The Art of Reading Between
the Lines: Jeff Danziger
p. 42 (9 pages)   
Ryan Friel, Mike Powers
& Brian Schott
The Art of Symphony Space:
Isaiah Sheffer
p. 89 (8 pages)   
Brian Schott The Art of Finding Beauty:
Alain de Botton
p. 104 (12 pages)   
Lindsey Jane Gardner Sunday Drive p. 72     
Sheida Soleimani Offering p. 73     
George Cole Bozeman Afterburn p. 75     
Jason Savage Winter's Frost p. 77     
Amanda Ellis Fire & Water p. 86     
Luke Smith Bear & Bird p. 6     
Evan Cantor Winter Sentinels p. 17     
Lucy Elkivity Fledgling p. 51     
Megan Coyle The Hikers p. 66     
Jemina Watstein Looking at the Landfill: March 23, 2008 with Toy Oven p. 67     
Adam Blau Zig-Zag p. 68     
Anna Zusman Mermaid Heritage #6 & #8 p. 70     
Jessalyn Haggenjos Lake Powell Forming p. 71     
James Kristen Van Patten No. 11- The Flying Squirrel p. 74     
Jonathan Clark Field of Ghostly Cattle p. 76     
Jeff Danziger various cartoons p. 44-49