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Brian Schott

winter 2011 issue
volume V, issue 2

December 10, 2011

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cover art
Steven Gnam Whitebark Skeletons cover photo   
Jerry McGahan The Carolina Wren p. 31 (14 pages)   
Mercedes Lucero Three Bricks Shy p. 58 (7 pages)   
Mandy Nadyne Clark Bounce p. 96 (10 pages)   
Scott Nadelson The End of the End of Desire p. 4 (11 pages)   
Debbie Clarke Moderow Line Dance p. 46 (5 pages)   
Meredith Stolte Not Just a Place p. 53 (3 pages)   
Christy Everett Walk, Goats, Walk! p. 90 (4 pages)   
Shane Borrowman Push p. 94 (2 pages)   
Kevin Goodan Last Moth Before Winter p. 15 (1 page)   
Barbara Link Montana Wheat Field p. 30 (1 page)   
Elsie Pankowski To My Old Lab p. 45 (1 page)   
Melissa Kwasny Being Quartz & The Shaman's Cave p. 52 (1 page)   
Sheryl Noethe Bus Log series p. 119 (1 page)   
Brian Schott The Art of Watching Nature Move on its own Terms: Tom Brokaw p. 18 (12 pages)   
Matt Holloway,
Mike Powers
Writing, Truth & Thick Skin: Sheryl Noethe & David Allan Cates p. 113 (6 pages)   
Andrew Super One Hour Spent Writing a
Letter to My Wife
p. 16     
Ansley West Branding in Pinedale, Wyoming p. 56     
Scott Markewitz Underwater Figure Skater p. 78     
Michael Cappabianca Golden Hands p. 81     
Eleanor Leonne Bennett All That Comes From Ores p. 82     
Maybelline D. Gonzalez Suspended p. 106     
Sheryl Trainor Euphoria p. 79     
Donna Gans Second Street p. 80     
Susan Whelihan For the Birds p. 83     
Kyoungah Choi 41 50' 4.75" N, 87 37' 42" W p. 84     
Torin Porter Flower Child p. 85     
John Rawlings Eddy Current p. 86     
Barb Schwarz Karst Posse in Mirror is Closer Than Appears p. 87     
Michael Haykin Black Gold p. 88     
Scott Hove Black Cherry p. 89     
Jen Vaughn Mershark p. 108