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Brian Schott

summer 2012 issue
volume VI, issue 1

June 2, 2012

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cover art
Ben Venom Raised By Wolves quilt—fabric, thread & heavy metal t-shirts
Danilo J. Thomas Physical Characteristics of Copper Sulfides Native to Butte, MT p. 12 (8 pages)   
Matthew Chappell Wool Hats p. 33 (9 pages)   
Glen Chamberlain Big Their Secret p. 53 (9 pages)   
Tom Cantwell Eyes Like Sky p. 139 (10 pages)   
Jason Kirkey Every Mountain is Cold Mountain p. 5 (6 pages)   
Andrew Payton That Still Wild p. 24 (9 pages)   
Marcelo Gleiser The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected p. 44 (6 pages)   
Sarah Ward Lemon Drop p. 51 (2 pages)   
Chris Peterson Wolverine Dodge Ball p. 64 (2 pages)   
Lee Anna Sherman Fledgling p. 67 (3 pages)   
Becca Deysach Part of the Feast p. 71 (3 pages)   
David Moskowitz Wolves on the Move p. 136 (1 page)   
Brooke Williams That Wildman Cain p. 150 (11 pages)   
Neal Brown Cape P p. 22 (2 pages)   
Ron McFarland Intimations while Fly-Fishing Lolo Creek p. 43 (1 page)   
Meliss Brown Clark The Fox p. 66 (1 page)   
Max Hjortsberg Every Saturday of the Summer p. 70 (1 page)   
Polly Buckingham Where I've Sprinkled Seeds p. 111 (1 page)   
George Sibley On Driving Past the 100,000th Roadkill p. 135 (1 page)   
Neal Brown Avalanche p. 138 (1 page)   
Cristina Eisenberg Conversations: Brooke Williams & Jack Turner on Wildness p. 113 (21 pages)   
David Moskowitz Crossing the Threshold p. 11    b&w
Paul Queneau Hats Off in Helmville p. 42    b&w
George Desort In the Belly of a Moose p. 77    color
Randy Beacham Rock Candy Fire p. 86    color
Brian Herbel Wild Ride p. 87    color
Elke Duerr Squirrel Talk p. 90    color
Betty Kijewski Morning Storm p. 134    b&w
Lauren Grabelle Spirals p. 149    b&w
Kathryn Hayes The Good Life p. 161    b&w
Elizabeth Bass Teenage Boy Waiting for the School Bus p. 20    pen & ink
Lorna Lent-Sommer Flight p. 68    watercolor
Courtney Blazon Architeuthis Ursidae p. 75    pen & marker
Emily White American Bison/Prairie House p. 76    animal timber framing
Shelle Lindholm Yodeling Coyote p. 78    acrylic & wax
Sally Deskins Red Belly p. 79    body print
Jannette Rasch In His Dreams p. 80    quilt
Angela Babby The Human Element p. 81    enameled glass
Galen Cheney Sonic Ribbons p. 82    acrylic & wax
Craig Stockwell Plotinus 2 p. 83    oil & charcoal
Presley Martin Helix Decollage #4 p. 84    snail eaten paper
Ivan de Monbrison Hollow Man p. 85    ink & acrylic
Laura Plageman Response to Print of Kudzu, TX p. 88    art/photo
Chris Mortenson Travelling on Beautiful Interstate 80 p. 89    composited postcard
Bruce Barton Sonnet 11565: Anaheim, CA p. 112